Time to Take the Discovery Framework to the Next Level?

Are you struggling to take the discovery framework we gave you in the last 4 weeks to the next level? The CREATE level? 

On our last call, we offered you our Create training. In this training, you’ll CREATE!

  • A plan for your life and then your business

  • A platform to reach the people you serve

  • Your products and services

We will do this by:

  • Group Meetings - 3 group coaching sessions per month

  • A One to THREE (Abi, Janine and/or Deanna) coaching session once a month - focusing on YOU and YOUR BUSINESS. This is where you will have some alone time with the coaches to work on your individual needs. 

You now have 2 choices. Thank you and Let’s Create Your Lifestyle Business...together.

Janine, Deanna, and Abi


OPTION 1) Pay $500/mo x 6 months (must commit for 6 months)

OPTION 2) Pay $3000 up front and get your website built for FREE.

About Deanna

  • Wrote a book that she turned into a multi 6-figure online education business and publishing company!

  • Moved to Mexico and is living her dream life on the Caribbean Sea!

Deanna Gillingham RN, CCM
Janine Kelbach

About Janine

  • Went from writing healthcare articles, to teaching others to do the same, to growing her own 6-figure Healthcare Content Marketing Agency!

  • All while homeschooling her 2 boys, walking her 2 great danes, and being an awesome wife and friend!

What People Have to Say About Us!

Michelle Crook

so appreciate you both sharing your expertise and tips!

Kerry Keedy

Thank you so much for taking the time to present your knowledge to help us.

Karen Denise

Screaming from North Carolina


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Let’s Create Your Lifestyle Business...together!